Youth Resilience Summit

Virtual Attendance - $25.00


In Person Attendance - $40.00


Exhibitor Tables - $140.00



  • 9 great presentations by the top youth development experts in their fields

  • In Person attendance only $40 PP, including breakfast and lunch. Virtual attendance $25  


The Youth of North Carolina (YONC) Youth Resilience Summit is an educational conference which instructs and connects Youth Serving Organizations in their fight to minimize Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). ACEs encompass a continuum of traumatic events, from parental separation & divorce, alcoholism and incarceration, to neglect, abuse, violence, and more. Children who are compromised in these ways without positive intervention may become adults who perpetuate the same traumas. The Youth Resilience Summit offers a vital war room to equip youth serving organizations in this struggle, so they can identify those in need of extra support and prevent long-term complications of ACEs. Topics covered in previous summits have included mental health awareness, trauma-informed care, child abuse, the foster care system, and identifying youth going down a troubled path, among others. Attendees depart with relevant data informing their services, a heightened sensitivity to the problems children of all socioeconomic strata face daily, and increased ties to beneficial resources. Indeed, this program emphasizes the diversity and commonality of these traumas’ sufferers (64% of surveyed adults have reported suffering at least one ACE), and the importance of everyone working in tandem to protect the youth of North Carolina.h.

Who Should Attend:

  • Medical professionals

  • Juvenile justice workers

  • Athletic Coaches

  • Youth program managers

  • Volunteer leaders

  • Law enforcement professionals

  • School teachers

  • Victim Service providers

  • Mental Health professionals

  • Youth advocacy groups

  • Community coordinators

  • Social service providers

For more information contact James Allegretto at 336.338.8277

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